Building Automation Solutions
Achieve sustainable peak performance

Our dedicated, regionally based Building Automation specialists work throughout North Carolina to deliver customized designs that fit your needs.

Our automation experts design, install and support building automation and energy management systems. With a team of in-house Software Engineers, we offer Smart Building Design to provide easy management of your facility with graphical presentation of information and dashboards, equipment diagnostics, notification of critical events and historical archive of data for detailed analysis. Our Building Automation and Software Engineering, alongside the Mechanical expertise and personnel, allow us to provide comprehensive HVAC solutions as well as complete Building Automation and Mechanical service support.

We are certified to work on a variety of systems that help our clients keep their facilities sustainable and operate at peak performance. Open (non-proprietary) and fully customizable systems help to move away from proprietary systems and allow for future expansion and the ability to incorporate most brands of controllers in the existing architecture of your facility. These customizable solutions help keep your facility sustainable and operating at peak performance well into the future.

Our Building Automation Services
  • Lighting Automation
  • HVAC Controls
  • System Integrations
  • Performance Measuring and Verification
  • Building Analytics
  • Building Performance Monitoring
  • Quantified IAQ Results
  • Panel and Pre-Fabrication
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
  • Demand Ventilation Concepts
Smart Building Design

Our In-house Software Engineers build graphics that make managing your facility simple.

Panel & Pre-Fabrication

Prefabricated Controls Panels are programmed and tested each time before they are installed. These panels aid our ability to meet project schedules, improve quality controls and lower installation costs.

Remote Support Services

We have a team of Senior Software Engineers and BAS Project Consultants that can partner with HVAC Companies anywhere in the United States to provide support on Building Automation related projects. CCAC can provide the technical support along with the job specific training and assistance during installation.


Energy Solutions