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CCAC serves as a consultant to our commercial building and property management customers to ensure occupant comfort and satisfaction, while also considering budget constraints and total building portfolio.

Commercial buildings are typically occupied by multiple tenants with differing comfort levels, occupancy schedules and personalities. Most commercial buildings operate under a property manager that is tasked with guaranteeing tenant satisfaction. We specialize in acting as a consultant to our property management customers; we assess their complete building portfolio, budget, on site facility management staff and any current challenges there are facing. We can develop capital plans, maintenance agreements and look at historic utility information to help them manage the efficiency of their buildings and reduce overall costs.

CCAC specializes in optimizing scheduled facility downtime to meet the specific needs of our industrial customers without interrupting production. We provide customizable solutions that improve facility operations, adhere to manufacturing guidelines and safety standards while reducing owning and operating costs.

Industrial buildings often come with their own list of operating guidelines and requirements. Our Industrial customers are often tasked with keeping production running and limiting any downtime. These restrictions can make allotting time for service complex. We specialize in optimizing convenient downtime schedules to get the work done. Knowing that budget is always top of mind in the industrial sector, we have customizable solutions that will help improve facility operations and reduce owning and operating costs. Our industrial customers are often required to adhere to auditing requirements put in place by regulating agencies specific to their industry; at CCAC we have the capability to produce customized documentation to reinforce how your facilities HVAC equipment is following all regulations.

Patient care and safety are of the utmost importance when it comes to healthcare facilities. By understanding that the patient comes first, CCAC can provide solutions that safeguard these facilities from unexpected downtime and offer a safe and comfortable environment for patient recovery and treatment.

Healthcare facilities have one goal: patient comfort. Any disruption during the hours of operation can impede, and in some cases halt healthcare providers from successfully caring for patients. We work to ensure that our healthcare customers are protected against unexpected downtime interruptions and can provide a safe and comfortable environment for patient recovery and treatment. Understanding that each healthcare facility is unique, CCAC can provide the materials necessary to adhere to the safety regulations for your specific healthcare environment.

Ensuring the comfort and safety of the classroom helps students, faculty and staff succeed. CCAC delivers proven solutions that keep costs down, guarantee safe indoor air quality and create high performing, sustainable facilities.

Students learn best when they feel comfortable. Education facilities often face several obstacles when it comes to maintaining comfort and keeping operating costs down. These obstacles include, but are not limited to: changes in budgets, aging equipment, and high utility costs. We keep these challenges in mind when working with our education customers. CCAC delivers solutions that keep costs down, guarantee excellent indoor air quality and create high performing, sustainable facilities. Education facilities often operate with a team of onsite maintenance staff available to handle day-to-day issues while the facility is in use. CCAC can supplement your onsite staff by offering more HVAC specific knowledge, training, and assistance in diagnosing problems and developing solutions the keep the students, faculty, and staff comfortable all year long.

CCAC knows the importance of being surrounded by a strong community and having a facility to encourage that. We focus on helping worship facilities operate efficiently to ensure that members have a comfortable place to congregate.

It is important to be surrounded a strong community, and it is even more important to be able to socialize and congregate with your community in a comfortable, well maintained facility. CCAC works to provide solutions to make sure our worship facility customers efficiently conserve energy, cut down on utility costs and budget for repairs and building renovations. Worship facilities typically have onsite staff readily available for when issues arise. CCAC can supplement your onsite staff with more industry specific HVAC knowledge, training, and assistance in diagnosing problems and developing solutions to help make sure your facility is operating efficiently while keeping costs down.

Comfortable temperatures during consumer hours and proper ventilation strategies are necessary to guarantee customer satisfaction in retail locations. CCAC works with large, multi-tenant, luxury retail developments to provide a level of service, response time and overall comfort strategy that matches your expectations for customer experience.

It is vital to the success of a retail location that the consumer is comfortable. Whether that comfort comes from the temperature of the space alone or other factors such as indoor air quality, proper ventilation or adherence to the tenant guidelines put in place by the property management group; CCAC is fully capable of matching or exceeding your expectations for your complete customer experience. CCAC specializes in working with large, multitenant, luxury retail developments to act as a preferred vendor to provide tenants with maintenance options that ensure the quality of their HVAC equipment, the comfort and safety of consumers in their retail location, and a number to call when problem arise, or new strategies are necessary to guarantee consumer comfort.

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