We are committed to providing designs for new and existing buildings that are cost and energy-efficient and ensure comfort for your facility’s occupants.

Our commercial HVAC design team of professional engineers possess the experience and knowledge to provide a product that will meet your needs.

Our Engineering & Design Services

  •  In-house Professional Engineering
  • Design Build Capabilities
  • Upfits
  • Systems Analysis
  • Retrofits
  • Load Calculations
  • Ventilation Calculations

Retrofit & Upfit Expertise

Finding the right equipment and designing an air distribution system that works for your facility is our top priority at CCAC.


Our expertise is looking at your current facility and equipment and developing a plan to fit new, more cost-efficient technology into existing spaces.

We work in a wide variety of vertical markets including, but not limited to educational buildings, worship buildings, industrial warehouses, distribution facilities and we also partner as a consultant with some of the largest property management groups in the state to analyze your facility and your budget to help build a capital plan that meets your facilities needs.


We approach a space and/or facility that already has equipment in it but structurally may change with an open mind.

We will identify the zones; locate the thermostat and we will look at how the space will change to design a new air distribution system to fit the updated space.

Load Calculations and Ventilation Calculations

Whether you are replacing old equipment or installing new equipment having the correct equipment is essential in keeping your buildings occupants safe and comfortable all year long. We can provide guidance for load calculations and ventilation calculations that ensure the equipment in your facility is operating efficiently.

Ventilation Calculations

We work with you to verify the population, the layout of specific areas, and the occupancy schedule in your facility to decide the amount of outside air you need to bring in to keep your facility safe and sanitary for your building occupants.

Load Calculations

We will verify that your equipment is the correct size and type to keep the space it services comfortable. Equipment that is too small for the space will have to run all the time, raising your utility costs and will likely not succeed in keeping the space a comfortable temperature; equipment that is too large for a space can sit unused for long periods and cause humidity issues and large swings in temperature.

Want to know more about our recent projects?

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