HVAC Common Issues with HVAC Equipment

Duct Systems Quality

If the duct system is not in proper condition or if the system is not the correct size bad things can happen.

Air leaks, condensate leaks and loose insulation are all consequences of bad duct system quality. These occurrences can not only interrupt your building tenants workday but also lead to more issues in the future.

High Indoor Space Humidity

There are multiple things that can lead to high indoor space humidity:

  • The unit is too large for the space
  • The unit is dirty
  • The unit is not operating correctly
  • The refrigerant charge is incorrect prevent dew point condensation
  • Low load due to occupancy
  • The unit is not running long enough to satisfy dry bulb temp and cycling off before condensation starts
  • Negative space pressure, meaning there could be outside air coming through doors or window and envelope holes

Alarming Noises 

Keep your ears open when it comes to your HVAC systems. Below is not a comprehensive list but some of the more common complaints heard from our customers and their tenants. Thorough inspection of all noises is recommended.

Roaring or hissing sounds may be from air leaks in the ductwork, or the static pressure could be too high.

Clicking sounds could be from the HVAC unit turning on or off. Clicking may also indicate that heating elements inside a VAV box are turning on.

Humming, rattling, banging, and clanking can be caused by compressors.

Vibrating can be caused by machinery not being mechanically isolated. Mechanically isolated implies that the machinery is placed on springs to reduce vibration transfer to the building.

Buzzing can be caused by main disconnects for equipment or faulty relays located in drives and/or controls.